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Evil JakeCheck out Jordana's favorite band...
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Jordana Brewster's filmography
click on the link to get details on the movie from Reel.com

  1. Chasing Fate (2005) (pre-production)
  2. D.E.B.S. (2004) .... Lucy
  3. Fast and the Furious, The (2001) .... Mia Toretto
  4. The Invisible Circus (2001) ....
  5. The '60s (1999) .... Sarah Weinstock
  6. The Faculty (1998) .... Delilah
  7. "All My Children" (1970) TV Series .... Anita Santos #1 (1995)
  8. "As the World Turns" (1956) TV Series .... Nikki Munson (1995-1998)

My friend reviews an advanced screening of "The Fast and the Furious"...

Caught a screener of "F&F" last week in Westwood, CA. It was never intended  to be a summer film (original March release date was pushed back to avoid Stallone's "Driven"), and it shows. The budget for a June movie just isn't there. There are some good chase scenes, including one filmed not far outside LA in Hemet, CA, in which real-life former Navy SEAL-turned-actor Mike White dangles from the side of a speeding 18 wheeler.

But on to Jordana; the beauty has only a few scenes of any worth, the most important being her soul-bearing conversation with the film's lead, Paul Walker, who incidentally rivals Matt Damon for the title Most Boring Screen Actor Alive. Unfortunately, Ms. Brewster obviously thinks she's still on daytime TV. Her performance is as melodramatically lame as Diane Lane's in last summer's "The Perfect Storm". But Jordana looks great here. There's a scene halfway through the film in which she rushes to get dressed as Paul Walker walks up the front steps to her house. We see a quick, fairly close side shot of Jordana TOPLESS, her hair covering her nipples. This is not as good a look as we got in "The Invisible Circus", but it's all we're gonna get with a PG-13 rating.

All in all, "F&F" is a good deal if you can get a matinee price, or for a decent popcorn flick on opening night at the mall.

The Internet Movie Database reports that Jordana will star in the upcoming movie The Invisible Circus, opposite of Cameron Diaz. Filming is set to begin in May 1999 and will be on location in Paris, France. (thanks to Nikki Prophet for the heads-up)

The movie is written and directed by Adam Brooks (writer of Practical Magic, Beloved, and French Kiss) based on a novel by Jennifer Egan. The plot is apparently about a teenage girl (Jordana) who travels to Paris in the 1970s trying to find out about her sister's suicide, and falls in love with her dead sister's boyfriend. The movie is being produced by New Line/Fine Line. Nikki adds... "If Adam Brooks decides not to alter the character's names, then Jordana's character will most likely be named Phoebe O'Connor. However, it is possible that she will be cast as Faith O'Connor, the older sister who committed suicide, because most of Faith's involvement (in the book) was centered around the time she was 17-18 years old."

Variety online and Mr. Showbiz online report that Jordana will definitely play Phoebe, the main character. I don't know what the exact links are, but I found them on GordonPost's page. Also, the Invisible Circus will be filmed in Portugal and San Francisco, as well as Paris. Check out Variety and Mr. Showbiz for more articles pertaining to The Invisible Circus.
Nikki Prophet


Jordana Brewster was born in Brazil on April 26, 1980. Jordana was raised in London, Rio, and Manhattan where she currently lives with her family. Jordana's mother is Maria Joao, the former "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model from Brazil. Her grandfather is Kingman Brewster, former president of Yale.

Jordana's complete filmography (movies & TV) is listed below. Brewster appeared in As The World Turns as the teen-age Nikki Graves, then-unknown daughter of Hal Munson and Linda Graves, from his previous marriage, in July 1995. She left the show in 1998, last airing on September 14, to pursue other career opportunities.

Jordana's other credits include the role of a dancer in the Brazilian film XuXa Against Evil and appearances in productions of Godspell, Anything Goes and A Little Night Music at Sacred Heart School in New York City. In conjunction with her feature film role in The Faculty, Jordana appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine (January 1999 issue). Jordana has appeared on All My Children and will co-star in the TV miniseries The 60s in February.

Jordana Brewster studied acting at Weist-Barron and attended the Professional Children's School in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running and dancing.


Jordana Brewster Interviews and Articles

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"Movieline" (USA),December/January 1999, Vol. X, Iss. 4, pg. 16, by: Michael Atkinson, "Spunky Brewster"

Magazine cover photo
"Seventeen" (USA),January 1999
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